2012/2013 Kwanza

Kwanza: is a 7 day festival celebrating the African American People, their culture and their history. It is time of celebration, community gathering and reflection. On January 01, 2013, about 15 people attended Kwanzaa celebration hosted by SACHM at its office – 7 youth and 7 adults. For 6 participants, this was the first Kwanzaa (6). After self- introduction and a brief introduction on the history of Kwanzaa and how it has spread all over the world -among African communities in diaspora, participants were invited to choose and share about one of the seven principles that they found inspiring.

The meeting also heard about SACHM’s children’s book legacy project – which incorporate some of Kwanzaa principles. They also heard about up-coming Pan-African leadership and community and community development project spearheaded by UCAS and the community dance project led by the Caribbean community. Both projects will attempt to promote Kwanzaa values.

Participants made a proposal to SACHM Board to adopt, put into practice and promote Kwanzaa principles throughout the year. This proposal will be presented at the next Board SACHM Board meeting.

Kwanzaa 2012 2013 Report