Jarikre Family

Jarikre Family The Jarikre family first settled in Regina, Saskatchewan on the recommendations of a very close family friend they met in Doha” Qatar.

During the first few years Dr. Lawrence Jarikre was presented with some difficulties with entering into the medical profession in Canada. Although having practiced and being well respected amongst the medical community abroad, his lack of Canadian experience and foreign credentials presented a barrier towards being able to practice in this new country.

Dr. Jarikre had to write Canadian exams. Having to meet the College of Physicians
requirements for entry into the medical profession was daunting but he was able to
overcome this by remaining focused and determined. Nevertheless, by the grace of God,
this transition into the Canadian medical profession was further made possible through
the assistance and support of wonderful fellow practitioners.

Similar to Dr. Jarikre, Alero Jarikre, upon arrival to Canada with the family also had to upgrade her credentials to attain the Saskatchewan Teachers certificate. Alero worked
briefly as a substitute teacher for the school district in Regina. In 2006 She returned to
school, yet again, at the University of Saskatchewan to obtain a Nursing degree. Alero
attributes this decision to the shortage of nurses in the province, at that time. She is
currently practicing as a Registered Nurse with the Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region
and feels very rewarded and fulfilled with the work she is able to do. Alero is also
actively involved within the African and Immigrant community in Regina. From 2O04 to
2008 she served as the president of Daughters of Africa Inc, which is a Non
Governmental Organization that focuses on addressing some of the issues/barriers that African women, both here and in their home countries are facing.

The Jarikres were blessed with four biological children and an adopted nephew.
Ofeoritse, the adopted nephew, graduated from the University of Regina with a Computer Science degree and is currently working for Shaw Cable in Victoria, British Columbia. He has plans to eventually join the police force to do his part towards serving and protecting the community.

Lawrence Jr., the oldest biological child graduated from the University of Regina with a Business / Finance degree and is currently working for the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) as a Regional Investment Administrator in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The Jarikre’s second born, Ejiro Jarikre has twice graduated from the University of Regina. He first obtained a Kinesiology degree and went back to further obtain a Computer Science degree. He is currently employed by the Regina Catholic School Board where he provides technical assistance to the schools in Regina.

Yinka Jarikre, the Jarikre’s third born, graduated from University of Regina with
a Psychology degree and is currently in her third year of Law school at the University of Calgary.

Last, but surely not least, the Jarikre’s youngest, Juliet graduated from George
Brown College in Toronto, Ontario and is looking forward to a career as an Event planner in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The Jarikre family has made contributions in the areas of academics, law, medicine, the Arts, music, literature, business, sport and civil/public service.

Alero and Yinka are members of the Golden Key International Honour Society. Yinka
was recipient of the Paul Sanford Memorial Prize for having the highest GPA in an
African American History course, while on a student exchange program in New Orleans.


Life in Saskatchewan

The Jarikre family first settled in Regina, Saskatchewan on the recommendations of a very close family friend they met in Doha” Qatar.


Health, Education, Community Building


Came to Canada in 1996 from Nigeria.