Stanford Joseph Taylor

Stanford Joseph Taylor’s untiring dedication to helping others as an educator and as a spiritual leader has gained him the respect and admiration of many. Born to Mary Jane and John Edward Taylor, Stanford Joseph was one of ten children to survive infancy. His early education was in a Bible School in Jamaica. His pursuit of education took him to England and then to Canada. While in Birmingham he met Doreth. They married 3 April 1965 and together raised a family of four. Doreth received her professional training in Birmingham and London and is a Registered Nurse and Midwife. She joined Stan in Regina in October 1968.

In addition to attending classes Stanford also had to work to support himself. In Birmingham he worked in a factory making airplane parts. In Regina he worked as a crane mechanic. In 1971 an accident at work caused him to lose three fingers on his left hand. More determined than ever to further his education and find other work, he registered at the University of Regina. Before he could attend classes however, he was required to complete Grade 12 classes. He graduated with a Bachelor of Education in June 1975.

For the next twenty years Stanford Taylor taught school on reserves throughout Saskatchewan. He has been instrumental in helping thousands of children complete their education. This also involved some counseling for both, students and parents; a task he was willing and able to undertake.

Stan credits his motivation to God. At the same time that he was teaching in the school system he also enrolled in a Master’s program and studied Theology. He has felt the calling of God most of his life.

His ministry began as home Bible study and prayer meetings. The congregation grew and a larger venue was needed. They rented space at first but eventually purchased a small church building originally calling it United Church of Jesus Christ Apostolic. When they moved to their present location the name was changed to Shiloh Assembly Apostolic Church.

Any spare time Stan found, he used to tutor children from the congregation in their studies. Together, Dora and Stan have worked hard not just to make ends meet but to nurture the community. Dora describes her husband as beyond kind. God’s goodness radiates from him to the people he helps. He has on many occasions disregarded his own welfare to help others. His focus is on the community as a whole and meeting the needs of the community. He has a drive in him that could only come from God. His love for people, love for God, and love for community give him a sense of fulfillment.

Life in Saskatchewan

Came to Regina in June 1968


Education, Religious Leader


Born November 1942 in Hide District, Clarkstown, Jamaica