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1. Book fundraising letter

Dr. Alfred Schmitz Shadd was a Saskatchewan pioneer medical doctor, teacher, journalist and a farmer. He was also involved in civic and municipal politics, and ran for election in the first Saskatchewan provincial election (1905)…


2. The La Fayette Family

This download traces the history of the La Fayette family in Saskatchewan starting with their arrival in the province in 1847 through to 1945. Very interesting reading…


3. Dr. Alfred Smitz Shadd (1869-1915)

Dr. Shadd distinguished himself as an outstanding pioneer in the town of Melfort. Read more about his history and the impacts he made in that community that truly sets him apart…


4. Oklahoma Pioneers and the Shiloh Baptist Church

Read about the history of the Shiloh Baptist Church established in the Rural Municipality of Eldon, Saskatchewan about 27 KM north of Maidstone, SK.


5. Historical Timeline

This document provides a chronology of significant events occurring within Saskatchewan from 1896 to 2007. There are some very interesting events that have taken place over the years and this is well worth the read…


6. Bibliography for Local Information

This download provides the reader with many great reference books and documents. If you want to learn more about the history of African Descent individuals and families in Saskatchewan, this is a great place to start!


7. Baseball Heroes

Did you know Satchel Paige and his Allstars once stopped in Stenen, Saskatchewan to play the local Allstar team? Read about this and more in this attached document!


Alfred Shadd

Heritage Viewing

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