What is SACHM?

Saskatchewan African Canadian Heritage Museum

What is a Virtual Museum?

An image gallery that by clicking on the pictures brings up the history page of the individual or family being honoured in our Virtual Museum.

Browse the Virtual Museum Here

When was SACHM founded? 

SACHM was founded in 2004.  For more about SACHM click here

How does SACHM contribute towards history of Africans?

SACHM gives people the opportunity to understand their history as it relates to Saskatchewan.

What is the Honouring Tree?

The Honouring Tree is a public art and diversity legacy community project initiated by SACHM Board and membership, as part of the 2010 Centennial celebrations to commemorate the 1910 settlement of people of African ancestry in Regina (and Saskatchewan as a whole). For more information click here

How can I contact SACHM? 

You can reach SACHM at [email protected] or Contact Us

Can I volunteer with SACHM? 

Yes! SACHM welcomes anyone who wishes to volunteer. Please fill out the Volunteering Form and someone will be in touch with you.


Contact us today for Volunteer Opportunities!

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