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The Honouring Tree is a public art and diversity legacy community project initiated by SACHM Board and membership, as part of the 2010 Centennial celebrations to commemorate the 1910 settlement of people of African ancestry in Regina(and Saskatchewan as a whole). This project has become a reality through the close collaboration of Regina Multicultural Council (RMC) with whom we able to access Federal Government funding under Canadian Heritage: Building Communities through Arts and Heritage Program. The project has also received support through partnerships with City of Regina, Wascana Centre Authority, University of Regina- Sculpture Department, SACHM members’ donations and Regina community at large.

The Honouring Tree was installed in Wascana Park (near the Royal Saskatchewan Museum) on August 30, 2011. It is a symbol of life, legacy and diversity.. It will become a symbol of life, legacy and diversity; through which we remember and honour our past, our heritage and contributions and; the good and not so good times. “It gives us a sense of belonging, freedom, hope and opportunity for the future.” SACHM member. Through the diversity legacy project, the SACHM and it’s partners are building new relationships and working towards the establishment of a legacy of diversity, equality and inclusion. We have a vision of a community where: all are recognized as equal in dignity; have contribution to make; our differences are explored and celebrated and barriers that impede full participation are openly named and removed.

Institutions, Corporations, Community organizations and individuals are invited to become a diversity legacy supporter by donating towards the completion of this project (donations are accepted through paypal at this website), by initiating community activities to support the values and principles of this project. You can also participating in SACHM’s annual activities linked to this project, such as the annual Family Walkathon that will take place every last Saturday of June.

Project partners and all sponsors are recognized at our Diversity Legacy Hall of Fame, and receive a charitable receipt for donations in the amount of $25 or more.

For more information about this project, please see the power point presentation and /or browse this page.

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Christine Lwanga
SACHM Centennial Legacy Project Committee Coordinator

Maggie Gilmore
RMC Board Representative
African Canadian Centennial Legacy Public Art Project

Canadian Heritage

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More Information on the Honouring Tree Below:

The HONOURING TREE is a polished, stainless steel kinetic sculpture reaching up 13 metres, silhouetted against the prairie sky. Conceived as a meeting place, a destination for ritual and celebration, a landmark gathering place for drums and dance and meditation. The pentagonal stars turn slowly in the breezes flashing mirrored bursts of sunlight, visible signals to spectators across the lake and on the bridge.

We could call it HONOUR TREE because, the stars honour our African pioneers and those who came later, and those who will come. The points are the 5 elements, earth, air, fire, water and spirit, and the circle, representing the laws of the cosmos binds them all together to create life. This ancient symbol of the golden ratio has deep roots in Christianity (5 virtues, 5 wounds of Christ, seal of Solomon etc., and is common to all religions, signalling protection, feminine spirit, unity, wholeness, infinity, the Goddess, and health and healing. 26 African nations use it on their flags.

Stainless steel is impervious to weather, mirror polished, it is cleaned by the rains and requires almost no maintenance. High above the reach of hockey sticks, this sculpture resists vandalism and is an unsatisfactory target for spray bombs or posters. Elevated, it will not be damaged by spring floods.

The project budget of $100,000 will cover the costs of design development, materials, fabrication, engineering, shipping, installation and insurance. If necessary, it will also cover the costs of the footings, however; until the soil conditions are analyzed this cost is unknown. I would be delighted if a local contractor agreed to donate the footings for this high profile project to SACHM.


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