Buwembo Family

Dr and Mrs Buwembo are from Uganda. Dr. Buwembo obtained specialty training in Neurosurgery in South Africa. The idea to come to Canada was really an adventure to experience the winter and see the snow. I requested a locum with Neurosurgeons Krishna Kumar and Chris Ekong so I could work and travel during winter. This was granted in the fall of 1995 for four months here in Regina.

The atmosphere was fantastic with respect to the great collegiality and the very receptive Canadian community. Besides, the winter land was a paradise. We saw the snow for the first time in 1995 and we took up skiing, and have done so every year. We moved to Regina for good on July 1 1996.

Integrating in the Canadian community takes time. Professional recertification requires a series of tough exams to be passed. This is probably the toughest hurdle. I obtained Royal College Certification in Neurosurgery in June 2000. Learning other aspects of Canadian culture requires active participation, a positive attitude and determination to succeed and be a Canadian. Some of the challenges include things like retaking a drivers test (I had driven for twenty years but I passed on the third attempt. My wife passed on the first attempt because I taught her.) Of course mastering the language sometimes is through great embarrassment, for instance, in South Africa, the car horn is called a hooter, and people walk on the pavement (sidewalk); you must stop when the robot is red (traffic light) and the cork (rooster) crows in the early morning. The accent is something you cannot change, and depends so much on your first language.
Our 3 children and our nephew have diverse interests. Isaac is 25 and has a BSc from UBC and a diploma in Business Administration. He will be pursuing an MBA but currently works for Impact BC for heart disease prevention.

Alice is 22 and has a BSc from U of Ottawa and is currently pursuing an MSc in Neuroscience at McGill and would like to study Medicine. Eriyeza is 10 and has advanced to grade 5. Allan our nephew is in the final year of Filming and Video at the University of Regina, and will be getting married to Holly on October 2 2010.

Dr Buwembo has practiced Neurosurgery in Regina since July 1996, is a clinical associate Professor, Neurosurgery, University of Saskatchewan and is Head of Quality Improvement in the Department of Surgery, Regina Qu Appelle health Region.

He was the Chair, Saskatchewan Spinal Care Pathway working group, and also the Chair for the education committee for the Spinal Care Pathway continuing education course. Dr. Buwembo’s main interests include the surgical management of spinal disorders,
Chronic pain management, Neuromodulation for chronic pain and movement disorders, surgical treatment of trigeminal neuralgia, neurophysiology and anatomy of neuronal circuits.

Life in Saskatchewan

Moved to Regina in 1996



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