Robert Holmes #30

Robert (The Tank) Holmes is a former American football running back who played collegiately at Southern University and professionally in the American Football League for the Kansas City Chiefs; National Football League for the Chiefs, the Houston Oilers and the San Diego Chargers; the World League for the Portland Storm.

He was an AFL All-Star in 1969 and played with the chiefs in their defeat of the Oakland Raiders in the 1969 AFL Championship game and their crushing of the NFL’s championship Minnesota Vikings in the fourth and final AFL-NFL World Championship game.

He joined the Saskatchewan Roughriders of the Canadian Football League during the 1976 season.

Career History (10 seasons)
AFL – Kansas City (1968-69)
NFL Kansas City (1970)
NFL Kansas City (1971)
NFL – Houston Oilers (1971-1972)
NFL – San Diego Chargers (1973)
WFL – Portland Storm (1974)
NFL – Houston Oilers (1975)
CFL – Saskatchewan Roughriders (1976)
Career Highlights and Awards
1968 – Mack Lee Hill Trophy as Chiefs outstanding rookie
1968 – Third Down Trophy as the Chiefs most valuable player
1968 – AFL Rookie of the Year
1969 – World Champion 1969 (Superbowl IV)

Robert Holmes B&W

Robert Holmes

Life in Saskatchewan

Immigrated in 1976 to play for the Saskatchewan Roughriders Returned to Texas after season was over. Returned to Saskatchewan in early 1980’s to live. Robert passed away April 14, 2018 in Regina.


Born October 5, 1945, Huntsville, Texas U.S.A