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There are also several categories of sponsorship/donation available to you with respect to the Honouring Tree project. These are shown below. Be sure to put the category of donation (from the list below) into the “Donation Notes” section of the payment form shown immediately above.

Honouring Tree Individual Sponsorship Categories:

Diversity Supporter ($25 to $99 Range)
Diversity Bronze Supporter ($100 to $199 Range)
Diversity Silver Supporter ($200 to $499 Range)
Diversity Gold Supporter ($500 to $999 Range)
Diversity Platinum Supporter ($1,000 Plus Range)

Honouring Tree Corporate Sponsorship Categories:

Diversity Supporter ($200 to $999 Range)
Diversity Bronze Supporter ($1,000 to $2,499 Range)
Diversity Silver Supporter ($2,500 to $4,999 Range)
Diversity Gold Supporter ($5,000 to $9,999 Range)
Diversity Platinum Supporter ($10,000 Plus Range)
Note: For all donations, we also accept Cash, Money Order or Cheque. These manual types of donations can be sent to us at:

Saskatchewan African Canadian Heritage Museum Inc.
Box 1171
Regina, Saskatchewan
S4P 3B4

Other sponsorship types for the Honouring Tree project are displayed below. Be sure to enter their description names in the notes field of the form above if making a cash donation through this site.
Thank you for Your Support!

Honouring Tree Donation Categories

“Building the Tree” we are asking for support for, Professional engineering services, the installation, and the creation of the Tree itself: $25,000.00

Note: gifts can be in kind: example concrete, professional services or cash donations to the art piece itself, Please note gifts can be of any size in this category all will be gratefully accepted

“Nurturing the Tree” We asking for funds to create a legacy and future for the Tree, our first event is a Regina Annual Family Walkathon to be held every last Saturday of the month June: $ 5,000.00

This event will celebrate family, heritage, culture and at the same time promote healthy life styles for families. This will be a launch year for the Walkathon. The Saskatchewan African Canadian Heritage Walkathon Committee has recruited Ted Jaleta world renowned runner, alongside the Multicultural Council of Saskatchewan to be key partners in this event. We see a number of events and activities over the year.

“Legacy of the Tree” Diversity Legacy educational packages: $3,000.00

These packages will be prepared by two graduate summer students (with a background in Education/ in partnership with Faculty of Education, University of Regina). These creative and interactive educational packages will target elementary classes and junior high school levels. The packages will bring together the historical contribution of African Canadians who lived, worked, and contributed to Saskatchewan. As well they will encourage dialogue amongst students on concepts of diversity and the principles of an inclusive society.

“Knowledge of the Tree” Diversity Legacy Scholarship Fund- SACHM: $5,000.00

We are proposing two scholarship funds that will support two students entering university or college education as follows: A student who has demonstrated commitment or plans to advance diversity, equality and equity as part of his/her studies/ career.

“Unveiling of the Tree” Media and public unveiling of the Honouring Tree: A Legacy Art piece: $1000.00

The formal ceremonies of the project are set to take place on September 30, 2011 as part of Cultural Days in Wascana Park, supporters will be recognized for their contribution publicly, as well as in our print materials, website and other public communications efforts.

“Learning from Tree” Young Emerging Artist workshop: $1,000.00

The Saskatchewan African Museum is holding a youth artist’s workshop on August 12. This workshop will be facilitated by artist Ron Baird. Mr. Baird is the creator of this project. Mr Baird is recognized internationally for his public art work. The workshop will take place at the University of Regina Friday August 12, 2011 (the day after the public art piece will be installed in Wascana Park)

“Greening of the Tree” $5,000.00
To make this project successful we asking for funds to support the ongoing publicity, management, communication, and overall day to day activities of the project.

Tree Donations

There are several Tree Donation categories listed here. If you wish to donate a smaller amount than indicated in the Categories Section but wish to just donate to the Tree Project, just type in Tree Project in the Donation Notes field.

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