Jane Ekong

Life in Saskatchewan

Jane immigrated in 1975 to join her husband Chris who had arrived in 1974


Born in Oron, South East Nigeria.


Firsts, Health, Education, Philanthropy, Community Building

Dr Jane is a woman with many interests. In 2012, she was a candidate in the Regina Civic Elections for the Regina Public School Board, Subdivision1, as a Trustee. She won very convincingly, thus becoming the first person of African Descent to be elected to political office in Southern Saskatchewan. At the next election, she was acclaimed as no one tried to run against her. After serving two terms (8 years) she chose not to seek re-election in 2020, so she could devote more time to Amakon Women Empowerment Inc. (AWE), a charity she founded in 2014.  However, she did not want the Board to be left without Black representation. So, she encouraged Ted Jaleta, another person of African descent to run. He won, and the baton was successfully passed.

AWE is missioned to promote women’s success by providing disadvantaged women and girls access to success enhancing tools. To this end, it provides laptops to at-risk, pregnant and parenting teen high school girls to aid them complete their assignments, and remain and complete high school. AWE also provides food and baby supplies to these girls on a monthly basis. At Christmas time AWE fundraises and provides big food Hampers and baby supplies to each girl to ensure they have food for Christmas and the rest of the holiday. AWE has very positively impacted the lives of several Saskatchewan women and girls.

Dr Jane was one of the Founding Members, and then a Co-Chair of Saskatchewan African Canadian Heritage Museum Inc. (SACHM), an organization that researches and documents the presence and contributions of people of African Descent to the Province of Saskatchewan for as far back as the presence of Black people in Saskatchewan can be traced. The work is not yet finished we are still searching for those we have not yet documented. In 2012, Dr Jane was recognized and honored by the Rick Hansen Foundation and the CTV National Network as a Canadian National Difference Maker. In the same year she and her husband were also recognized and honored by the Canadian Association of Nigerian Physicians and Dentists for service to humanity.

Dr Jane enjoys being involved in her church and other benevolent Christian activities. She loves dancing, cooking, baking, eating, gardening and various other physical activities.  She is an eternal resilient optimist, and a life-long learner.