Health/Social Services/Human Justice

Mavis Ashbourne-Palmer

Life in Saskatchewan

Came to Regina in 1971


Born and raised in Jamaica, in the Parish of St. Mary, in the District of Broadgate


Healthcare, Human Rights, Immigration

Mavis Ashbourne-Palmer has a passion for community, justice and fairness which is clearly demonstrated throughout her professional and personal life.  She has selflessly dedicated over 40 years of service to her community as she helps many people become aware of their basic rights such as health care, employment, fairness, shelter and food.

She has spent her professional life caring for others as a Health Care Worker, which she began at the young age of 25 in a long-term facility in Regina. She used her experience in coming to Canada to help others transition into their new environment as well.  This included opening her home to newcomers and supporting them on their journey. 

She is a founding member of many community associations such as the Saskatchewan Canadian Caribbean Association and Saskatchewan Jamaican Association.  Her community involvement does not stop there.  Mavis helped coordinate relief efforts, following Hurricane Gilbert in 1989 such as getting supplies from Regina to Kingston.  She is a spokesperson and representative for visible minority people in areas of immigration, housing, job search and any personal matters.  She is an active Board Member for Open Door Society in Regina, which is now a settlement agency for newcomers and refugees to Saskatchewan.  

For the past 20 years she has been a member of the Regina Ladies’ Choir in addition to being an active member of her Church, Shiloh Gospel Assembly.   She is always able to find time for her Church and Choir as her hobbies include singing and acting and her faith provides the foundation for her life.

Mavis feels her contribution in the community has made an impact and she continues to lead by example.  She encourages other to strive to be of great assistance in their community, ensuring it is done with kindness, sincerity, and love.  

Mavis states that at the end of the day: I never forget from where I came – my humble beginnings. She loves God, her community and all peoples. She encourages other to strive to be of great assistance in their community, ensuring it is done with kindness, sincerity and love.

Awards and Achievements

The Saskatchewan Senior Volunteer Award (2018)

100 Accomplished Black Women of Canada (2018) -

The Jamaican High Commissioner’s Award for Community Service for the 50th    Independent (2012) 

Commemerative Medal of the Centennial of Saskatchewan (2005)

Multicultural Council of Saskatchewan Award (2000)

Woman of Distinction Award (1996)

Saskatchewan Caribbean Association Award (1985)